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There was no WIFI on the bus

I booked 2 tickets from NYC to ATLANTA from the 6th to the 6th we spent 16 hours !!!

only the plug to charge was working only when we were on the way for ATLANTA

for the return NO WIFI again plus !! most of the plug was too big to plug in your cable

sometimes the driver bus went to do his own break without passengers

the break was quick !!

The bus was not comfortable ! mostly for the return ! It was my first and my last time that I take this company !!

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So what ? Can't you forget your stupid devices for one lousy bus trip ?

Good thing you didn't grow up when I did ; there were no such things. You read a book, or had a conversation, did some sightseeing, caught a nap; there was plenty to do besides worry about things that hadn't been invented yet.

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