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I can write a horror book!!! Due the the high airfares I decided th check if Service & clealiness has improved. Not surprisingly the reviews answered my question!!in the beginning when the RT was $40 I was thrilled, the trip was pleasant except for the snorring, acceptable. As I continued using the China bus, the fares started going up. I started noticing their stops along the road, sometimes pulling along dark highways or off the road deep into dark areas, stopping and the driver and his partner would get off the bus, close the door and meeting a man outside while smoking! No explanation whatsoever, and nobody including me would ask either. On a particular stop in VA, as we were exitting, the driver got up facing us, took a stack of $ bills and started counting, put it back in his shirt pocket and left. When they made the rest stops, usually for 15 minutes they would drop us off and leave. We would rush back to have to wait sometimes 20 additional minutes for them. Once being in my late 60's I needed to use the bathroom and asked how much longer to stop. Soon! I waited and waited, I got up and asked again, the partner

pointed to the back. It was dark, people snorting and there was an odor in the air, I was scarred but needed to go. When I opened the door, there was *** on the floor, the walls and the toilet!!!!!!! Never before had I seen such a nasty toilet before. I had the choice to wet my pants or step into this mess! I decided to tippie toe into that mess. Holding my nose with one hand and lowering my clothes with the other, with my eyes close! I came out in a daze catching my breath thanking God I didn't get sick! On another trip, on a rest stop, my brand new Sony lady's camara, still with all my pics and videos from Israel and Jordan was stolen from my bag that was placed on the floor pushed against the side was stolen. Reason why they said no need to take your belongings! The pain and regret will never leave me. On the last trip it was in the winter, on my way back home, the bus was supposed to arrive at 10:30 pm, it made it at 12:10am

A Chinese man came off the bus to tell us the bus was full and another one was on its way. So we waited in the car.

Another bus came but the driver said it wasn't ours. While he waited for other passengers, a white van parked in front, a man jumped out and slide the door open. At least 20 very young Asian women holding bags in their hands, came out running like a bat out of *** and boarded the bus and they left destination NY!!!! We don't have to be a rocket scientist to know the business that was sadly going on!

Some of those who were waiting decided to leave, but I had no choice. Finally another one arrived, my son in law went inside to find out and said I could board. Another one put my suitcase in the belly of the bus. At the time of reservation I was promised seats in the front, I always pay for two seats to be a little more comfortable. The lady gave me the numbers of the seats and row. I showed the man the tickets. He said no and with his finger showed a one! Two Asian young women were seated on my assigned seats. They started speaking loudly to each other. I had to give up. The man lead me to the seat he wanted and as I followed him, the entire bus that was full of Chinese had their eyes on me! I sat down but was thinking. Before the bus started I called my son in law and told him I wasn't leaving. I told the man and while yelling in Chinese he opened the door and took my suitcase. It was passed

2 am. Later that day I flew back home and swore never again!!! I think the Authorities are sleeping or don't give a damn about the safety of minorities including why aren't these companies investigated? Why leaving the poor at the "mercy" of these people! We are not in China this is the USA!!!!!

The company better not try to contact me!

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You did write a horror book. Introduction, characters, plot, problem, resolution, summary.

That was sufficiently well written that I read the entire post ( !

) Sounds like a really sketchy trip with criminal routines along the route. I may have to try it out ...

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